Wednesday, 13 April 2016

When Lord brahma created the universe he laid down foundation of all that is, was and will ever be, so did he created the auspicious Vedas which is a constitute of everything that was in past, is in present and will be in future. It is a way which keeps  every being on the righteous path and our Vedas gives us also the details related to how can we get close to the supreme deity.
One such festival is dedicated to the goddess Durga and her glory. It is the Navratri parva which is celebrated for the nine days and ten nights. According to the legends the festival is celebrated for nine incarnation of goddess Durga and supreme of which is Durga herself who saved the universe from the demon mahisasur who was undefeatable by any god and was fought by the goddess for nine days and ten nights and she finally beheaded him. The Navratri Puja Dates, this year is first in chaitra month which will be 8th April to 15th April and later will be Shardiya Navratri that will come in October month as per new Gregorian calendar. Like all festivals there are a set of rituals which are a must to seek the blessings of the deity.
The Navratri period rituals are same for male and female despite of gender. All are instructed to observe fast throughout the day and there are two types of fast which are kept one is ekann and other is nirjala which are observed with one meal and without meal and water respectively. Benefits of Navratri Fast Vedic Instructions are as that you will observe flow of abundance and prosperity in your life, wealth and riches, success in your goals and much more all of these benefits are observed in your life. 

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