Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Some important facts behind the name of goddess Skand Mata: Know the real name

Navratri the days of Nine Goddess brings lots of things like peace satisfaction and discipline in the life of worshipers either it is only few days but brings happiness for whole life by fulfilling all the wishes. Every incarnation held was for a definite purpose and every goddess has special power in their own field.

We called goddess Durga as Maa because she is took care of us from all the bad or evil things but the goddess worshiped on the fifth day of navratri is specially known for her love and kindness towards their children or devotees.  The most important information about navratri 5th Day of Skanda Mata and the facts behind the name is Goddess skand mata is also the another form of Maa Parvati.
All the nine goddess which are worshiped in the nine days of navratri are the incarnation of mata sati or parvati hence Skand mata also the other form of Mata Parvati. After rebirth of mata sati as parvati and getting married to lord shiva mata parvati given birth to a child whom we called lord kartikeya or lord skand hence she became the mother of skand and known as skand mata.

The motherhood part of ma parvati is known as skand mata. Kartikeya is the first son of Lord Shiva and the big brother of lord Ganesh. Lord Kartikeya is also known as lord Murugan. If we talk about the benefits of Navratri 5th Day of Skanda Matathen Skand mata has special love and affection for her all children and devotee and if we worship her according Navratri 5th Day of Skanda Mata puja vidhi then she fulfills all the wishes in very less time like our mother do.

Worship skand mata with her favorite red colour flower and please her to get blessing of her.

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