Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Unheard stories behind the celebration of Mahashivratri

Mahashivratri the biggest day for the devotees of lord Shiva, Every devotee of lord Shiva believes that lord Shiva fulfills their all wishes on this day, with this believe they keep fast whole day and do kirtan whole night.

What is shivratri? The answer of this question is this is the favorite day among all days of Lord Shiva. This festival is celebrated on Krishna paksh chaturdashi in the month of February and March.  The lord Shiva festival Mahashivratri is celebrated by all with the believe that Lord shiva will fulfill all the wishes of their devotees.

Why do we celebrate mahashivratri and the unheard stories of Mahashivratri are, one the whole world was in danger because of Poisson of sagar manthan that time Lord Shiva save the world by drinking that poison. The other unheard story is, once upon a time Chitrabhanu the king of jambudvipa observing fast with his wife that time a sage Astavakra came to his court and ask for the reason of keeping this fast, the king told that he is having power so he can remember his past birth and he was a hunter that time, while hunting the animal once he found a family of deer for hunting but by seeing the deer family he left the thought of hunting them and decided to return back to his home and when night fell he decide to stay there and climb on the tree. By chance three was a bel tree and there was a shivling under that tree. While getting bored he started picking the leaves of that tree and start throwing down and because of linkage in his canteen the water also doped on shivling, so he worshiped lord shiva on the day of Krishna paksh, so at the end of his time when he was about to die, lord shiva send two messenger and take his soul in his shelter.

The significance of Maha shivratri is the devotee who keep fast on mahashivratri will get shelter in the place of lord shiva and god fulfills all the wishes in whole life.

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