Thursday, 25 February 2016

Observe the divine and auspicious significance of Maha Shivratri

Our country is a country of festivals and with every month of the year there are many that comes and shares us the emotion and joy to celebrate the importance of being alive and divinity of dying one day, those who think that these festivals are in vain must realize that each is of importance in its own and is to serve for the better good of the humanity.
Similarly is the fall of the shivaratri, in totality there are twelve of them that falls every month of the year and the most important of them is the Maha Shivratri. A shivratri is noticed by the day of no moon and by fall of it begins, the time of new moon; the festival of shivratri is dedicated to lord shiva, as he is the supreme deity, even the word shiva means the void, have you ever realized that why we call shiva by this name this is done because he is not just present in the form of light but in the void of darkness as well.
That is why he is called the destroyer as he is present in the whole and beyond it also. Shiva is also considered as the first yogi who became enlightened about the life and beyond, he realized the meaning of everything and was able to control and understand everything in the universe, this is the reason why he is been given the title of Mahadev.
 If you worship to the deity on this day, you will receive all that you desire in this life, the meaning of being born and that too in a human form is known but this is not an easy task as following the path of yoga meditation along with the righteous path is what accumulates itself into reaching the true potential of life. Shiva is the source of everything and when you are connected to the source you rise above then being a normal creature of the planet. There is saying that “Proper knowledge makes you rise above ordinary” and that is what a person realizing Shivaratri importance and if follows its rituals purpose attains.

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